AFFECTOR – Sign worldwide deal with InsideOutMusic

Wrap up work on debut album “Harmagedon”; Release date confirmed for May 21st, 2012!

InsideOutMusic is proud to announce the worldwide signing of the progressive rock/metal band band AFFECTOR. 
AFFECTOR is a highly skilled, new international band consisting of German guitar-player Daniel Fries, Dutch drummer Collin Leijenaar (Neal Morse/Dilemma) as well bass player Mike LePond (Symphony X) and vocalist Ted Leonard (Spock's Beard/Enchant/Thought Chamber) - both from the United States.

AFFECTOR’s debut album, “Harmagedon”, which was mixed and mastered at The Mouse House in Los Angeles by Rich Mouser (Spock's Beard/Transatlantic/Neal Morse), will be released via InsideOutMusic on May 21st, 2012 in Europe and May 22nd, 2012 in North America.

AFFECTOR’s Collin Leijenaar comments on the signing as follows:
“We are thrilled to be signing with InsideOutMusic / Century Media. It is THE home for progressive rock & metal, and it feels very much home to us! It has always been a personal dream of mine to release something on this label, and with AFFECTOR this dream has come true! I'm stoked about the future of AFFECTOR, and I hope the audience is too!?”

On their debut album, “Harmagedon”, AFFECTOR are joined by four very special guests on keyboards: 
Alex Argento, Neal Morse (Transatlantic/Flying Colors), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) and Derek Sherinian (Planet X/Black Country communion). Also featured on the album is the Polish orchestra Sinfonietta Consonus. This concept album fuses a dark, apocalyptic scenery with themes of hope and light and features heavy riffs and lightning fast solos, but also has softer and more fragile moments, where the soulful singing of Ted Leonard opens a wide spectrum of vocal harmonies.

Citing broad musical influences and diverse inspirations between prog and classic as well as modern rock acts, AFFECTOR is like an open marriage between progressive rock/metal and orchestral minimalism, destined to appeal to everyone into bands ranging from Dream Theater, A.C.T., Symphony X, Darkwater to Queen or Rush.

Daniel Fries – guitars 
Collin Leijenaar – drums 
Mike LePond – bass guitars 
Ted Leonard – vocals

More details about AFFECTOR and “Harmagedon” will be launched in the coming weeks…

AFFECTOR online:


Daniel Fries

Welcome to the official website of progressive guitar virtuoso Daniel Fries. See how he works as a musician, get to know his music and his projects, his musical influences and see him as a guitar teacher. Feel free to mail him for further information.

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."  Victor Hugo


Derek Sherinian (Ex-Dream Theater), Michael LePond (Symphony X) and Collin Leijenaar (Neal Morse live drummer)


will definitely be the musicians on my record. The recordings are going to start in december! Keep praying!

Derek Sherinian (Ex-Dream Theater) is going to play keyboard on my record!


He just listened to my demos “Salvation” and “Truth Of Grace” and he seemed to be very impressed by them, so he told me to play keyboard for my album! I have to talk to the other guys and discuss the production of the record soon. Michael LePond (Symphony X) is still very busy because of the latest SympX album and Derek is busy too. Neal Morse drummer Collin Leijenaar will co-produce the record!

There´ll also be a new Musician´s Day in Siegen on November 01st and I´m going to do a guitar workshop again! More information soon.

I´ll marry my wonderful Mirjam soon on september 23rd!

After that I´ll be able to turn my concentration on that record!

I could at least finish up my rhythm guitars


for the sixth piece "Freedom". I had a long talk to Collin Leijenaar about the production process and the upcoming studio sessions in the Netherlands. Please keep all praying because there´ll be a lot work to do! I got an email from Michael LePond from Symphony X and after Collin and I are done with drum and guitar tracks I send him the songs! Please keep also praying for that!

Neal Morse posted at his forum

a great message about the healing of my Dad, please read it, if you can!
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